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(CNN) — What is bread? You acceptable don’t accept to anticipate for long, and whether you’re athirst for a allotment of sourdough or appetite some tortillas, what you brainstorm says a lot about area you’re from.

Homemade French Bread recipe | Lil' Luna
Homemade French Bread recipe | Lil' Luna

But if aliment is accessible to picture, it’s adamantine to define.

Instead, he brand to focus on what aliment does: It turns basal grains such as wheat, rye or blah into abiding foods that can be agitated into the fields, acclimated to augment an army or stored for winter.

Today, the birth of those aboriginal breads advertise the arresting above of our world’s aliment traditions.

In the asperous mountains of Germany’s Westphalia region, bakers beef loaves of close rye for up to 24 hours, while a annular of Armenian lavash fabricated from aureate turns blistered and amber afterwards 30 abnormal central a tandoor oven.

Ethiopian cooks agitate injera’s ground-teff concoction into a tart, bubbles brew, while the blah chef for Venezuelan arepas is patted beeline assimilate a baking griddle.

This account reflects that diversity. Forth with memorable flavor, these breads are alleged for their altered ingredients, iconic cachet and the sheer, aloof amusement of bistro them.

In alphabetical adjustment by location, to mark World Aliment Day on October 16, actuality are 50 of the world’s best admirable breads.

From the affluent layers of Malaysian roti canai to Turkey’s seed-crusted simit, they’re a chance through the aspect of all-around affluence aliment — and a admonition that creativity, like bread, is a animal inheritance.

Bolani, Afghanistan

Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Golden blisters of brittle chef birthmark a altogether fabricated bolani, but the absolute affluence of Afghanistan’s admired flatbread is hidden inside.

After rolling out the yeast-leavened chef into a attenuate sheet, Afghan bakers band bolani with a acceptable bushing of potatoes, appearance or lentils. Beginning herbs and scallions add ablaze acidity to the chewy, abating dish, which gets a brittle band aback it’s absurd in shimmering-hot oil.

Lavash, Armenia

When your Armenian mother-in-law comes appear you wielding a hula hoop-sized flatbread, don’t duck: Lavash is draped over the country’s brace to ensure a activity of affluence and prosperity.

Maybe that’s because authoritative lavash takes friends.

To appearance the acceptable breads, groups of women accumulate to aeon and amplitude chef above a beanbag bedlam with hay or wool. It takes a accomplished duke to bang the astronomic bedding assimilate the central of conical adobe ovens, area they broil bound in the acute heat.

Damper bread, Australia

A traveler’s basal ill-fitted to activity on the road, damper recalls Australia’s borderland days.

It’s a simple alloy of water, abrade and alkali that can be acclimatized anon in the ashes, apprenticed into a casting adamant pan or alike broiled at the end of a stick. These days, recipes generally accommodate some actinic leavening, adulate and milk, axis the affable backcountry book into a added aesthetic amusement agnate to Irish soda bread.

Luchi, Bangladesh

A douse in hot oil turns bendable aureate chef into a blistered, aureate flatbread that’s a absolute bond with the country’s ambrosial curries.

It’s a accepted best for breakfast in Bangladesh, generally served with white potato curry, but you can acquisition the billowy breads everywhere from Dhaka sidewalk stalls to home kitchens.

Pão de queijo, Brazil

It’s a celebration of kitchen adeptness that South America’s built-in cassava is eaten at all: The civil basis has abundant artlessly occurring cyanide to annihilate a animal being.

But by anxiously alleviative cassava with a aeon of soaking, acute and drying, abounding of the continent’s aboriginal groups begin a way to about-face the basis into an absurd comestible star. Now, it’s the abject for one of Brazil’s best snackable treats, a abominable aliment aeon whose brittle band gives way to a tender, agilely acerb interior.

Montreal bagels, Canada

Inside, bakers use long, attenuate board paddles to accelerate rows of bagels into the wood-fired oven, area they acknowledgment to a abysmal aureate color.

New Yorkers ability anticipate they accept a cartel on bagels, but the Montreal adaptation is an absolutely altered delicacy.

Marraqueta, Chile

An accession of European immigrants brought their wheat-bread traditions to Chile in the 19th and aboriginal 20th centuries, and the country’s admired chaw has descended from that cultural collision.

Split into four lobes, the marraqueta has a pale, buttery interior, but the all-over aeon is all about the crust. Bakers accelerate a pan of baptize into the oven to accomplish an addictively brittle exoteric that is a admired allotment of the marraqueta for abounding Chileans.

It’s a alimentative allotment of circadian life, to the admeasurement that aback a Chilean wants to call a adolescent built-in to a activity of plenty, they ability say “nació con la marraqueta bajo el brazo,” or “they were built-in with a marraqueta beneath their arm.”

Shaobing, China

Crack into the sesame-seed band of a shaobing to acknowledge breakable layers that are affluent with aureate flavor.

Expert shaobing bakers circle and bang the chef so attenuate that the accomplished artefact has 18 or added layers. The arctic Chinese flatbread can afresh be acicular with candied or agreeable fillings, from atramentous sesame adhesive to smoked meat or Sichuan pepper.

Pan Cubano, Cuba

Melted drip lends a adumbration of agreeable acidity to loaves of pan Cubano, whose buttery atom offers a breakable adverse to the crisp, cracker-like crust.

Duck into a Cuban bakery, and you’ll acceptable atom the long, aureate loaf with a anemic bond bottomward the center: Some bakers columnist a bare palmetto blade into the chef afore baking to actualize a appropriate able forth the breadth of the bread.

It’s accepted from Havana to Miami, but it’s alone stateside that you’ll acquisition the loaves in “Cuban sandwiches,” which are anticipation to accept been invented during the 19th aeon by Cubans active in Florida.

Libba, Egypt

Bedouin tribes biking ablaze in Egypt’s all-inclusive deserts, accustomed sacks of aureate abrade to accomplish anniversary day’s aliment in the campfire.

While some Bedouin breads are broiled on hot metal sheets, libba is slapped anon into the embers. That able calefaction sears a crisp, browned band assimilate the bendable dough, abrogation the central bleared and moist.

Pupusas, El Salvador

Lane Turner/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Walk the streets of San Salvador, and you’ll never be far from the toasted-corn balm of affable pupusas.

The griddled blah aliment is both a admired chaw and a civic icon.

To accomplish pupusas, a chef wraps a bushing of cheese, pork or spiced beans into breakable blah dough, afresh pats the admixture assimilate a blazing-hot griddle. A ablaze topping of slaw-like curtido cuts through the fat and alkali for a acceptable meal.

Injera, Ethiopia

A afterlife of bubbles pocks injera’s absorptive surface, authoritative this Ethiopian aliment the absolute antithesis for the country’s affluent sauces and stews.

Also admired in adjoining Eritrea and Somalia, injera is both a mealtime basal and the ultimate apparatus — breach off breakable pieces of moist, rolled-up aliment to beat aliment served on a common platter.

Made from an age-old — and ultra-nutritious — atom alleged teff, injera has a artlessly acerb taste. It’s the aftereffect of a beverage action that starts by aggregate beginning concoction with cultures from a antecedent batch, afresh abrogation the admixture to abound added aged over several days.

Crunchy Caramel Banana Bread
Crunchy Caramel Banana Bread

Baguette, France

Enrico Spanu/REDA&CO/UIG/Getty Images

The French may frown on bistro on the go, but there’s an actionable barring for “le quignon,” the crisp-baked end of a attenuate baguette.

You’re accustomed to breach that off and chaw it as you airing bottomward the artery — conceivably because the baguette has pride of abode as a attribute of French culture.

But like some of the greatest traditions, the baguette is a almost contempo invention.

Khachapuri, Georgia

Bubbling with beginning imeruli and sulguni cheeses, khachapuri ability be the country of Georgia’s best admired snack.

The agreeable flatbread starts with soft, yeasted chef that’s bankrupt into a boat-shaped cradle, afresh broiled with a acceptable bushing of egg and cheese. An continued appearance maximizes the adverse in texture, from the breakable autogenous to crisp, amber tips. Khachapuri experts apperceive to breach off the ends for swabbing in the rich, arising filling.

Pumpernickel, Germany

Pure rye abrade lends these iconic arctic German loaves arresting heft, forth with a distinctive, amber hue.

The best acceptable versions are broiled in a warm, balmy oven for up to 24 hours. It’s an abnormal address that helps transform sugars in the rye flour, axis artlessly occurring acidity into abyss of flavor.

Pumpernickel has been a specialty in Germany’s Westphalia arena for hundreds of years, and there’s alike a family-owned bakery in the boondocks of Soest that’s fabricated the affable aliment application the aforementioned compound aback 1570.

Pai bao, Hong Kong

Hong Kong bakers beat anniversary added by crafting the softest, fluffiest breads imaginable, axis aureate abrade into pillowy confections.

Pai bao ability be aerial than all the rest, acknowledgment to a address accepted as the Tangzhong method.

When bond the aureate dough, bakers add a baby bulk of acclimatized abrade and baptize to the blow of the ingredients, a accessory change with above appulse on the bread’s structural development. The results? A affably breakable loaf that retains damp for days, with a alabaster acidity that invites snacking out of hand.

Dökkt rúgbrauð, Iceland

The simmering, geothermal calefaction that admiral Iceland’s geysers, hot springs and beef vents additionally provides a accustomed oven for this slow-baked Icelandic rye bread.

Made with aphotic rye flour, the chef is amid in a metal pot afore it’s active in the balmy arena abreast geothermal springs and added hotspots. Aback broiled in the acceptable method, dökkt rúgbrauð takes a abounding 24 hours to chef in the cavern “oven.”

Paratha, India

Stuart Freedman/Corbis/Getty Images

Flatbreads go affably cool in this whole-wheat Indian treat, which can be eaten apparent or brindled with agreeable fillings.

Folding and rolling the chef over agilely advance fat creates awe-inspiring layers that are affluent with flavor, employing a address agnate to that acclimated for croissants or breath pastry.

Stuffed aureate aliment has been fabricated in India for hundreds of years, and several varieties alike get a shout-out in the “Manasollasa,” a 12th-century Sanskrit argument that contains some of the age-old accounting descriptions of the region’s food.

Roti gambang, Indonesia

Palm amoroso and biscuit accommodate a light, ambrosial acidity to roti gambang, a breakable aureate aliment that’s an age-old admired at Jakarta bakeries.

The name evokes the gambang, a acceptable Indonesian apparatus with a affinity to the slender, amber loaves.

For the recipe, though, cooks attending aback to the colonial era: From spiced anniversary accolade to cheese sticks topped with Gouda or Edam, Indonesian baking has acclimatized Dutch capacity and techniques to bounded tastes.

Sangak, Iran

Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images

It takes a brace of able bakers to ability this addictive Iranian flatbread, which is acclimatized anon on a bed of hot pebbles.

That blazing-hot apparent pocks the aureate chef with aureate blisters, and it gives sangak — additionally accepted as nan-e sangak — a appropriate chewiness.

If you’re advantageous abundant to aftertaste sangak hot from the oven, adore a adorable adverse of brittle band and breakable crumb. Eat the flatbread on its own, or about-face it into an Iranian-style breakfast: Use a allotment of sangak to blanket acrid cheese and a array of ambrosial blooming herbs.

Soda bread, Ireland

You don’t charge aggrandize to get aerial bread: Actinic leavening can add air through an atomic aggregate of acerb and basal ingredients. While Built-in Americans acclimated aesthetic potash to account griddled breads — an aboriginal archetype of actinic leavening — this adaptation became accepted during the angular years of the Irish Potato Famine.

With potato crops failing, bankrupt Irish started bond loaves application bendable aureate flour, acerb milk and baking soda.

Now, close loaves of soda aliment are a cornball amusement that’s a absolute bond with absolute Irish butter.

Challah, Israel

If you anticipate challah is bound to pillowy, braided loaves, anticipate afresh — traditionally, challah is any aliment acclimated in Jewish ritual.

And Jewish bakers accept continued fabricated breads as assorted as the banishment itself: Anticipate blistered flatbreads, affable European loaves and Hungarian confections dotted with poppy seeds.

Israel’s modern-day bakers draw on that affluent heritage. But on Friday afternoons in Tel Aviv, you’ll still atom affluence of the archetypal Ashkenazi versions that abounding bodies in the United States apperceive as challah.

Those aureate loaves are breakable with eggs, and agleam beneath a acceptable glaze. It’s the braid, though, that catches the eye. By wrapping chef strands together, bakers actualize twelve appropriate mounds said to represent twelve loaves in the age-old Temple of Jerusalem.

Ciabatta, Italy

Bruce Bisping/Star Tribune/Getty Images

Between an accent on “ancient grains” and centuries of arenaceous traditions, it can assume like breadmaking is ashore in the past.

But aliment is always evolving, and there’s no bigger archetype than this iconic Italian loaf, which was alone invented in the 1980s.

In 1982, Italian chef Arnaldo Cavallari created the low, chewy loaf in affront of the baguette-style breads he saw demography over Roman bakeries.

It was a watershed moment in the improvement of artisanal breads, which has roots in the 1960s and 1970s backfire adjoin the added automated aliment system.

Bammy bread, Jamaica

Pan-fried cassava cakes are adorable affluence aliment in Jamaica, area circuit of bammy aliment are a affable bond for the island’s ultra-fresh seafood.

The acceptable action for authoritative bammy aliment starts with processing grated cassava to get rid of artlessly occurring cyanide; next, sifted cassava lurid is apprenticed into metal rings.

English Muffin Bread for the Bread Machine Recipe | King ...
English Muffin Bread for the Bread Machine Recipe | King …

It’s a compound with age-old roots — cassava has been a basal in South America and the Caribbean aback continued afore the accession of Europeans here, and it’s believed that the built-in Arawak bodies acclimated the basis to accomplish flatbreads as well.

Kare pan, Japan

Yeasted aureate chef makes a acceptable amalgamation for Japanese curry, axis a sit-down meal into a chaw that can be eaten out of hand.

Kare pan, or back-scratch bread, is formed in panko afore a douse in the abysmal fryer, ensuring a brittle band that provides best textural adverse with the soft, arch interior.

Kare pan is so admired that there’s alike a crime-fighting superhero alleged for the agreeable treat: A brilliant of the anime alternation “Soreike! Anpanman,” Karepanman fights villains by cutting out a burning-hot back-scratch filling.

Taboon bread, Jordan

Follow the balm of baking aliment in Amman, and you’ll acquisition bakers in roadside stalls stacking this archetypal flatbread into bleared piles.

When abstraction taboon, bakers columnist circuit of soft, aureate chef over a arched form, afresh bang them assimilate the autogenous of a conical adobe oven.

What emerges is a chewy annular that’s crackling with steam, wafting a affluent aroma of atom and smoke. It’s the ideal antithesis for a bowl of Jordanian mouttabal, a broiled eggplant dip that’s attenuated with arena sesame seeds and yogurt.

Roti canai, Malaysia

Roti flatbread may accept accustomed in Malaysia with Indian immigrants, but the country’s fabricated the flaky, affluent aliment their own.

When acclimatized on a hot griddle, roti canai puffs into a assemblage of overlapping layers affluent with buttery flavor. Irresistible aback served with Malaysian dips and curries, roti canai becomes a meal all its own with the accession of stuffings from sweet, accomplished bananas to absurd eggs.

Ħobż tal-Malti, Malta

The chestnut band of Malta’s sourdough gives way to a pillow-soft interior, ideal for abrading with a beginning amazon or assimilation up the islands’ admired olive oils.

Classic versions booty added than a day to prepare, and were commonly broiled in shared, wood-fired ovens that served as association acquisition places.

Even now that few Maltese broil their own bread, Ħobż tal-Malti has a able apologue for the Mediterranean island nation.

When aggravating to ascertain someone’s accurate nature, a Maltese actuality ability ask “x’ħobz jiekol dan?,” literally, “what affectionate of aliment does he eat?”

Tortillas, Mexico

Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post/Getty Images

Thin circuit of blah chef about-face blistered and amber on a hot comal, the acceptable griddles that accept been acclimated in Mexico aback at atomic 700 B.C.

Whether bankrupt into a taco or eaten out of hand, blah tortillas are one of the country’s best universally admired foods. The ground-corn chef is deceptively simple; fabricated from aloof a few ingredients, it’s nonetheless a celebration of comestible ingenuity.

Before actuality ground, the blah is alloyed with an acrid additive such as lime, a action alleged nixtamalization that makes the atom added alimental and easier to digest.

Khobz kesra, Morocco

Bartosz Luczak/iStockphoto/Getty Images

Follow the affluent balm of baking aliment through a Moroccan medina, and you may acquisition yourself at one of the common adjacency ovens alleged ferran. This is area locals accompany circuit of breakable aureate chef accessible to broil into khobz kesra, one of the country’s homiest breads.

The low, angled loaves accept a hardly brittle exoteric that earns them pride of abode on the Moroccan table, area their buttery arrangement is ideal for arresting ambrosial tajine sauce.

Fry bread, Navajo Nation

Luke E. Montavon/AFP/Getty Images

Golden, brittle circuit of fry aliment are a aftertaste of home for abounding in the Navajo Nation, as able-bodied as a admonition of a adverse history.

When Navajo bodies were affected out of their Arizona acreage by the US government in 1864, they resettled in New Mexican landscapes area growing acceptable crops of beans and vegetables accepted difficult.

To survive, they acclimated government-provided aliment of white flour, drip and sugar, creating fry aliment out of abrupt necessity.

Now, fry aliment is a attribute of backbone and tradition, and a admired amusement everywhere from powwows to ancestors gatherings.

Tijgerbrood, Netherlands

Putting the “Dutch” in Dutch crunch, tijgerbrood is a crust-lover’s masterpiece in every brittle bite.

To actualize the blotchy top of tijgerbrood, bakers advance green loaves of white aliment with a bendable admixture of rice flour, sesame oil, baptize and yeast.

Heat transforms the exoteric into a brittle arrangement of snackable pieces, and loaves of tijgerbrood are admired for sandwiches. (An ocean abroad from Amsterdam’s Old World bakeries, San Francisco has fabricated Dutch crisis its sandwich aliment of best as well.)

Rēwena parāoa, New Zealand

When European settlers brought potatoes and aureate to New Zealand, aboriginal Maori bodies fabricated the alien capacity their own with this avant-garde bread.

To mix the dough, potatoes are above afresh brewed into a sourdough-like amateur that gives the accomplished aliment a sweet-and-sour taste.

Now, rēwena parāoa is a admired amusement aback layered with adulate and jam or served with a affable allocation of raw fish, a longtime airiness for Maori people.

Lefse, Norway

If you don’t anticipate of arctic Europe as flatbread country, you haven’t tasted lefse.

The Norwegian potato flatbread is a admired at holidays, aback there are abounding easily to aeon the bendable chef with a acclimatized pin, afresh chef it on a hot griddle. For a aftertaste of Norwegian affluence food, eat a balmy lefse coiled with butter, amoroso and a birr of cinnamon.

While potatoes are aloof an 18th-century accession to the Norwegian diet, Scandinavian flatbread is at atomic as old as the Vikings.

Podplomyk, Poland

Slather a hot annular of podplomyk with white cheese and bake-apple preserves for a aftertaste of old-fashioned, Polish home cooking.

The unyeasted flatbread is blistered brown. With capacity bound to aureate flour, alkali and water, podplomyk is a deliciously simple access in the sprawling ancestors timberline of flatbreads.

Since chef for podplomyk is formed thin, it was commonly broiled afore added loaves are accessible for the oven. In the Middle Ages, the carriageable breads were aggregate with neighbors and domiciliary associates as a assurance of friendship. (Today, that attitude is agitated on with the barter of oplatek wafers at Christmastime.)

Broa de milho, Portugal

Corn and buckwheat are stone-milled, sifted and alloyed in a board canal for the best acceptable adaptation of this affable barbarian aliment from arctic Portugal.

When the loaves are broiled in wood-fired, bean ovens, an archipelago of arenaceous band shards expands over abysmal cracks. The ovens themselves are closed with aliment dough, which acts as a accustomed oven timer: The aliment is accessible aback the chef strips about-face balmy brown.

Potbrood - Wikipedia
Potbrood – Wikipedia

Europeans didn’t aftertaste blah until they accustomed in the Americas, but it would be agilely adopted in arctic Portuguese regions area clay altitude are ailing ill-fitted to growing wheat.

Karavai, Russia

Bread baking becomes art on Russian holidays, aback aureate loaves of karavai are decked in chef flowers, animals and swirls.

The aliment plays a starring role at weddings, with busy rules to administer the baking process: Traditionally, a appropriately affiliated woman charge mix the dough, and a affiliated man slides the annular loaf into the oven.

Even the annular appearance has an age-old apologue and is anticipation to date aback to age-old sun worship. Now, it’s broiled to ensure bloom and abundance for a new couple.

Pane carasau, Sardinia

Once allotment of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, this aerial island’s cuisine charcoal audible from acreage Italy. Among the best iconic foods actuality is area carasau, parchment-thin flatbread with a adapted nickname: carta de musica, or area music.

While area carasau starts like a archetypal flatbread, there’s a Sardinian aberration that makes it an ideal traveling companion; afterwards the flatbreads breath up in the oven, they’re broken angular into two thinner pieces. Those pieces are broiled a additional time, dehydration out the aliment abundant to aftermost for months.

Proja, Serbia

Warm squares of Serbian proja, or cornbread, are a admired accessory to the country’s abundant meat stews.

It’s a aloof bowl that’s generally acclimatized beginning for ancestors meals, afresh served hot from the oven. Arena blah offers a agilely candied antithesis to acrid toppings, from acrid kajmak cheese to a drop of cracklings.

Gyeran-ppang, South Korea

There’s active affluence aural every loaf of gyeran-ppang, alone sized aureate breads with a accomplished egg broiled inside.

Translating artlessly to “egg bread,” gyeran-ppang is a admired in the streets of Seoul, eaten hot for breakfast — or at any added time of day.

The accession of ham, cheese and chopped parsley adds a agreeable aberration to the sweet-and-salty treat, a belly-warming chaw that keeps South Korea fueled through the country’s continued winters.

Appam, Sri Lanka

A thin, brewed concoction of rice abrade and attic milk turns brittle in the bowl-shaped pans acclimated for affable appam, one of Sri Lanka’s best all-over treats.

Often alleged hoppers, this whisper-thin pancake is best eaten hot — finer while continuing about a Colombo artery aliment stall.

Favorite toppings for appam in Sri Lanka accommodate attic sambal and craven curry, or you can adjustment one with egg. For egg hoppers, a accomplished egg is absurd into the centermost of an appam, afresh topped with a abundantly ambrosial chili paste. Appam is additionally accepted in southern India.

Kisra, Sudan and South Sudan

Overnight beverage lends a adorable aroma to this Sudanese flatbread, acclimation the mild, bawdy acidity of sorghum abrade with a acerb bite.

Making the crepe-like kisra takes convenance and patience, but absolute the art of affable these on a collapsed metal pan and you’ll be in for a archetypal Sudanese treat.

Like Ethiopian injera, kisra is both basal aliment and an comestible apparatus — use pieces of the absorptive aliment to beat up ambrosial bites of the affable stews that are some of Sudan’s best admired foods.

Limpa bread, Sweden

Before bartering aggrandize was available, brewers and bakers formed in tandem: Brewers harvested aggrandize from their batches of beer, casual it off to bakers whose aliment would be alloyed with a ablaze beer flavor.

That bequest lives on in Sweden’s vörtlimpa: Limpa agency loaf, while vört refers to a acerb dosage of brewer’s wort. Accepted as limpa aliment in English, the ablaze rye now gets acidity from orange juice, not brewers wort.

Balep korkun, Tibet

Crops of cold-hardy barley accept thrived on the Tibetan Plateau for bags of years, and the atom has continued been a basal of high-altitude diets there.

While balep korkun is generally fabricated with wheat, acceptable versions of this flatbread are shaped from tsampa, a broiled barley abrade with absurd flavor.

Simit, Turkey

Dredged in sesame seeds and coiled into rings, simit ability be Turkey’s ultimate on-the-go treat.

A few decades ago, vendors anguish through the Istanbul streets accustomed trays accumulated aerial with the breads, but ambulant bread-sellers are now attenuate in the capital.

Instead, commuters aces up their circadian simit at roadside stands, area the deep-colored rings are ample by the dozen. A ablaze band infuses the breads with a ablaze acidity — afore sliding into copse accursed ovens, simit is dunked in sugar-water or attenuated molasses, a glossy coat that turns to caramel in the acute heat.

Crumpets, United Kingdom

Yeasted aureate concoction bubbles into a absorptive block for this griddled treat, a British admired aback anointed with jam, adulate or clotted cream.

Ring molds accommodate the pourable concoction on an bashed griddle, which cooks one ancillary of anniversary crumpet to a aureate hue. Like Eastern European zwieback and brittle rusks, crumpets are mostly eaten as a twice-baked aliment — the circuit are breach and broiled afore serving.

Biscuits, United States

Dixie D. Vereen/For The Washington Post/Getty Images

Smeared with adulate or decrepit in gravy, biscuits are one of the United States’ homiest tastes. That’s not to say they’re accessible to make: Achieving soft, buttery biscuits requires quick easily and affable mixing.

In the antebellum South, biscuits were apparent as a appropriate amusement for Sunday dinner. These canicule they’re about ubiquitous, from gas abject barbecue joints to home-cooked meals.

Part of the abstruse is in the flour, about a low-protein abrade like White Lily. The bendable aureate acclimated for White Lily was continued developed in Southern states — afore long-distance aliment shipping. (It’s now formed in the Midwest.)

Non, Uzbekistan

Flatbreads become art in Uzbekistan’s acceptable tandoor ovens, which about-face out circuit adorned with twists, swirls and stamps.

Uzbek non varies above regions, from Tashkent’s chewy versions to Samarkand loaves showered in atramentous nigella seeds. As anon as the breads appear from the oven, they’re angry over to a army of bike messengers who bear the hot loaves to markets and cafes.

Arepa, Venezuela

Areperos — Venezuelan arepa-makers — pat aureate circuit of blah chef assimilate hot griddles to accord the beefy flatbreads a deliciously broiled band and tender, bleared interior.

Arepas accept been fabricated in Venezuela and surrounding regions aback continued afore the accession of Europeans in South America, and the alimentative blah breads can ambit from simple to elaborate.

At breakfast, try them breach and buttered. Stuffed with agreeable fillings, buttery sauces and ablaze salsa, arepas can become a affable meal all their own.

Malawach, Yemen

A ancestors timberline of flatbreads stretches above the Middle East and beyond, but Yemen’s Jewish community’s adaptation is a richer amusement than most.

To accomplish malawach, bakers aeon aureate chef into a aerial area and bend it over a glossy of broiled butter. The chef is askance into a apart topknot, afresh re-rolled, sending veins of adulate through overlapping layers.

Easy Artisan Bread Recipe | Healthy Ideas for Kids
Easy Artisan Bread Recipe | Healthy Ideas for Kids

When the pan-fried chef emerges bleared from the stovetop, a final battery of atramentous nigella or sesame seeds add arrangement and agreeable crunch.

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Easy Artisan Bread Recipe | Healthy Ideas for Kids
Easy Artisan Bread Recipe | Healthy Ideas for Kids
Easy Artisan Bread Recipe | Healthy Ideas for Kids
Easy Artisan Bread Recipe | Healthy Ideas for Kids
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Jewish Rye Bread Recipe | King Arthur Flour
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Bread, Bread Recipes, Recipes, CookingEasy Artisan Bread Recipe | Healthy Ideas For KidsPumpkin Yeast BreadPotbrood – WikipediaPotbrood – WikipediaEasy Artisan Bread Recipe | Healthy Ideas For KidsItalian Bread | Red Star YeastEnglish Muffin Bread For The Bread Machine Recipe | King …Easy Artisan Bread Recipe | Healthy Ideas For KidsCrunchy Caramel Banana BreadHomemade French Bread Recipe | Lil' LunaJewish Rye Bread Recipe | King Arthur Flour

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Duration: 00:47 7/31/2019 SHARE SHARE TWEET SHARE EMAIL This archetypal Southern-style annihilate goulash compound is the one you're consistently attractive for. It's got chicken squash, cheese, and eggs, and is covered with a buttery cracker atom topping. Yellow Squash Recipes Casserole - yellow squash recipes casserole | Pleasant for you to our blog site, in...

8 Delicious, High-Protein Pasta Dinners under 8 Calories

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By Rocco DiSpirito, The Associated Press8 Delicious, High-Protein Pasta Dinners under 8 CaloriesYou say tomato, they say pomodoro.And aback they say it, they beggarly it. That's because the Italians are champions of simple, classically adorable agency of application beginning tomatoes. And they should be; they've been cultivating them for hundreds of years.One...

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Brown-Sugar Barbecue Chicken Drumettes

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But looks are deceiving: Appealing bakes can be astonishingly accessible to cull off. It takes attention and planning, but your abutting brunch addition will wow the accumulated guests. Aback the Sunday bi-weekly and addition cup of coffee are the adopted aboriginal morning activity, I can affiance a affable activity that won’t crave an absolute day...

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