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There’s no bigger abode to acquisition affable home affable afflatus than Pasta Grannies, a new book abounding with acceptable recipes by Italy’s all-knowing nonnas.

25+ Best Ideas about Ricotta Cheese Recipes on Pinterest ...
25+ Best Ideas about Ricotta Cheese Recipes on Pinterest …

Whether it’s your mum’s meatballs or your grandpa’s meringue, anybody has a ancestors compound that sits abutting to the heart. Over time, these signature dishes are acquiescently anesthetized bottomward through the generations, until the abstruse booze becomes banquet table tradition.

So aback we heard that the kitchen secrets of Italy’s grandmothers would be recorded in a new cookbook, we knew we’d be advised to comestible acumen like no other. Inspired by the hit YouTube approach of the aforementioned name, Vicky Bennison’s book Pasta Grannies brings calm a accumulating of time-perfected pasta recipes by Italian nonnas that accept never afore been accounting down. 

From Leondina’s annoy tortelli and Anna’s cresc’tajat, to Emilia’s ‘guitar’ spaghetti with meatballs (all of which can be begin in this absolute extract), the nonnas’ ability shows that absolutely accurate Italian affable is absolutely achievable. 

But Pasta Grannies isn’t aloof about adorable food: it additionally contains amazing stories. Complete with a advanced admixture of aliment memories, the book is a admirable anniversary of earlier women, their experiences, and the absent art of pasta-making. 

Read on for three admirable recipes, address of Bennison – and Pasta Grannies Anna, Leondina and Emilia. 

For 6 people

Anna lives in a adapted watermill, now her B&B, breadth silk-makers acclimated to appear and ablution their material. We visited her aback the architecture was arced in wisteria flowers and with the accomplishments sounds of hasty baptize over dust and the shouts of canoeing anniversary makers adequate National Liberation Day. 

Anna is a agog baker who enjoys administration the acceptable recipes of the Pesaro and Urbino breadth with her guests. Cresc’tajat (pronounced cresh-tie-et) is a accomplished archetype of frugal cooking. It acclimated to be fabricated with added polenta (cornmeal) and served with broiled agrarian greens or beans, which is what Anna fabricated for us. Lardo is convalescent pork fat; if you can’t acquisition it in an Italian deli, again use pancetta or chip up some unsmoked streaky bacon instead.

For the pasta

200g (7 oz) burning polenta (cornmeal)

100g (31/2 oz) 00 abrade or apparent (all-purpose) flour

For the beans

250g (9 oz) broiled borlotti (cranberry) beans

1 carrot

1 celery stick

50g (2 oz) lardo or blubbery pancetta

4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

1 onion, sliced

1 garlic clove, minced

1 meaty, top-quality beginning sausage, bark removed (but not discarded) and crumbled

200g (7 oz) passata (sieved tomatoes)


To serve

50g (2 oz) grated Pecorino

Ricotta Pancakes with Maple-Bourbon Whipped Cream ...
Ricotta Pancakes with Maple-Bourbon Whipped Cream …

Extra-virgin olive oil

The day afore you appetite to serve this dish, accomplish the polenta according to the packet instructions. The polenta will anneal up as it cools and, afore application it, it should be algid and firm, but you should still be able to cut it with a fork. You appetite about 300g (10 oz) adapted weight.

Soak the beans for 8 hours or brief – abode them in a basin and awning with abundant baptize to deluge them by several centimetres (at atomic a brace of inches). Cesspool them and again simmer in a pan of baptize with the allotment and celery (this helps to flavour the broth) until the beans are adapted through. How continued they booty to baker will depend on the bloom of your beans, but it will be about 45 account – 1 hour. Accumulate them in their borsch to one ancillary while you accomplish the pasta.

Mash the adapted polenta with the abrade and again aerate until bland and you cannot see any streaks of flour. Divide the chef into 3 pieces and appearance anniversary allotment into a patty. Keeping them able-bodied floured, cycle them out as you would pastry – aim for about 2–3mm thick. Allotment into ample strips (about 4cm/ 1 1/2 in wide), again cut forth the strips on the askew to actualize baby design shapes.

To anticipate the pasta afraid together, Anna places the pieces in a distinct band on a tray and ancestor them into the freezer until accessible to cook.

Mince the lardo or pancetta by chopping it with a mezzaluna or a sharp, abundant knife. Calefaction it with the oil over a abstinent calefaction and fry the onion until soft, which will booty about 7 minutes. Add the garlic and baker for a added minute. Fry the sausage meat in the onion admixture until browned, which will booty addition 5 account or so, and again cascade in the passata forth with a brace of ladles of the bean broth.

Season with alkali and leave aggregate to simmer for a acceptable 15 minutes. If you like, you can put the pork bark in at this date to add some added flavour. Strain the beans and add these to the amazon booze to balmy through.

Bring a ample bucket of baptize to the boil, add some salt, and acknowledgment the baptize to the boil. Booty your cresc’tajat from the freezer and tip them anon into the water. Aback they bob to the surface, they are ready. Application a clarify or slotted spoon, beat the pasta from the baptize and activity it through the bean mixture. Serve anon and let anybody baptize their own plates with cheese and dribble with oil.

Makes about 90 tortelli, abundant for 6–8 people

Leondina lives in the hills to the south of Faenza, in Emilia-Romagna, on the way to Florence. Aback aboriginal morning brume swathes the valleys and obscures avant-garde buildings, all one can see are animated hills and the casual tiny abbey with a alpine acme on top. It looks appealing abundant the aforementioned as it did 300 years ago. Leondina grew up actuality with her seven siblings. Her mum came from Abruzzo, so Leondina admired spaghetti al pomodoro as a child. “We acclimated to accomplish tagliatelle, but of advance we acclimated beneath eggs because we were poorer then.”

Now, for her ancestors on Sundays, she makes pasta dishes like cannelloni abounding with ricotta and ham and dressed with béchamel booze and a little bit of ragù. “The success of tortelli d’ortica,” says Leondina, “depends on the affection of your ingredients. Usually I accomplish my own ricotta; I like sheep’s milk ricotta for flavour and cow’s milk for arrangement – so I use a mixture. I consistently buy Parmigiano Reggiano that has been age-old at atomic for 24 months for this dish.” 

Wear artificial gloves to aces your nettles – already adapted they no best sting. Leondina doesn’t bother with aegis though, she aloof grasps them firmly. The tortelli can be arctic auspiciously – baker them beeline from the freezer.

For the pasta

120g (4 oz) beginning nettles (or spinach)

3 eggs

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

400g (14 oz/31/3 cups) 00 abrade or

Plain (all-purpose) flour

Semolina flour, for dusting

For the filling

500g (1 lb 2 oz) ricotta (sheep or cow’s or a 50/50 mixture), drained weight

150g (5 oz) nettles or spinach

125g (4 oz) grated Parmigiano Reggiano (preferably age-old for 24 months)

Freshly grated absurd (to taste)

Ricotta and Zucchini Dinner Pancakes (Vegetarian) (Gluten Free)
Ricotta and Zucchini Dinner Pancakes (Vegetarian) (Gluten Free)


To serve

60g (2 oz) butter

18 academician leaves

Grated Parmigiano Reggiano

First accomplish your pasta. Accompany a ample bucket of baptize to the boil, again flinch the nettles for 30 seconds. Beat them out and cesspool them through a sieve, again bathe the leaves beneath algid water. Squeeze out the water. The consistent weight of the nettles should be 60g (2 oz). Put this in a blender with the eggs and oil and assault calm into a advantageously blooming liquid. It’s the colour of spring.

Make a bank of abrade on your pasta lath (or do this in a ample bowl). Actualize a able-bodied in the average and cascade in the blooming liquid. Use your easily to accompany aggregate together, again alpha kneading. Aerate your chef for about 15 minutes, until it is absolutely smooth. Awning with a tea anhydrate (or put it in a lidded bowl) and let it blow for 30 account while you adapt the filling.

Sheep’s milk ricotta has a addiction appear wateriness, so if you are application it, accomplish abiding to cesspool your ricotta in a clarify first. Flinch the nettles or appearance for the bushing as you did for the pasta dough, binding the baptize out as thoroughly as possible.

It should counterbalance about 90g (3 oz) afterwards squeezing. Chop it finely, again mix with the ricotta and Parmigiano Reggiano. Grate in some absurd and add a compression of salt. Aftertaste and acclimatize the seasoning, abacus added of either if you anticipate it needs it. Accept a tray dusted with semolina at the ready.

Roll the chef out in batches to about 1–2mm thickness. Cut the chef into 6–7cm (21/2–23/4 in) squares, again put a walnut-sized balloon of bushing into the average of anniversary square. These tortelli are a triangle shape, so booty one bend of the aboveboard and bend it over diagonally. Press the edges to allowance it. (Leondina uses the bend of a ravioli brand to do this.) Abode anniversary tortello on the tray and echo until you accept acclimated up all of the filling.

To baker the tortelli, accompany a ample bucket of absolute baptize to the abscess again acclaim bang in the tortelli. Baker them for 3–4 minutes, tasting one to analysis if they’re done. Meanwhile, in addition pan, baker the adulate again add the sage. Use a slotted beanery or clarify to lift the adapted pasta from the baptize and into the butter. Acclaim bung the pasta with the adulate and sage, abacus a few tablespoons of cheese to advice emulsify everything. Serve anon with added cheese on top, if you like.

For 4–6 people

My bedmate and I were adequate a few canicule exploring the wine regions of Abruzzo, aback Alessia and her bedmate Fabrizio from Maple and Saffron tours contacted me about Fabrizio’s nonna, Emilia. “She can accomplish spaghetti alla chitarra con pallottine,” they said, so, of course, this was too big a temptation. I begin myself affair Emilia – with my bedmate and accompany in tow.

Emilia started affable pasta for her ancestors aback she was about 10 years old. Pasta and beans was a ancestors favourite. Spaghetti alla chitarra con pallottine was, and still is, a basin served up on aerial canicule and anniversary – Emilia has fabricated huge quantities for weddings over the years. A basin that gave her accurate amusement as a adolescent was polenta and sausages. The polenta would be caked anon assimilate the table and the ancestors would constrict in with their forks. This harks aback to the canicule aback folk could not allow ceramics – and would accept eaten the polenta with their fingers. The day we met was acutely hot. Emilia says on canicule like this, you may charge to add an added egg to your chef to accumulate it bendable and soft.

To accomplish the pasta, you will charge a chitarra, which agency ‘guitar’ in Italian, which can be bought on the internet for about £30 ($40). Or you may accept a spaghetti cutter adapter for your pasta maker. The cheapest banking outlay is a acclimatized spaghetti rolling pin. Emilia brand to use a brand 1 flour, which is difficult to acquisition alfresco Italy. It’s about 9.5 per cent gluten and the ‘1’ refers to the almost base grind. If you cannot clue some down, again I advance application your accepted pasta abrade alloyed with 10 per cent stoneground wholemeal flour.

For the pasta

400g (14 oz/31/3 cups) bendable aureate flour, brand 1 (see introduction)

4 eggs

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

2g (1/2 teaspoon) salt

For the amazon sauce

4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

1 celery stick, cut in half

2 carrots, halved

Baked Ricotta Appetizer
Baked Ricotta Appetizer

3 garlic cloves

100g (31/2 oz) allotment of braising steak or veal

3 pork ribs

100ml (31/2 fl oz) white wine

1 teaspoon salt

1.5 kg (3 lb 5 oz) skinned, chopped beginning tomatoes (or actual good-quality bottled tomatoes)

For the meatballs

500g (1 lb 2 oz) cautiously arena beef

1 egg, beaten

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

A compression of afresh arena atramentous pepper

Nutmeg, afresh grated (to taste)

1 tablespoon grated Pecorino, additional extra

To serve (optional)

Extra-virgin olive oil, to fry the meatballs

First accomplish the amazon sauce. Calefaction the oil in a goulash or heavy-bottomed bucket and sauté the celery, carrots and garlic for 5 minutes. Add the meat and baker the pieces until golden. Deglaze the pan with the wine and let it abate so you can no best aroma the booze evaporating. Remove the garlic, and add the alkali and tomatoes. Awning with a lid and baker the booze for at atomic 3 hours over a actual low heat, active every so generally aback needed.

You may charge to add a little baptize from time to time, but you are aiming for a blubbery sauce. Already it is cooked, band the meat from the ribs and chop up the steak, again acknowledgment the meat to the amazon sauce. Discard the basic and the accomplished vegetables. 

For the meatballs, mix aggregate calm in a basin – accomplish abiding it’s a acceptable mush! Again wet your easily and cycle chickpea-sized meatballs. This takes ages, so try and get the accomplished ancestors involved. Fry them in batches, in olive oil, until they are aloof adapted – it will alone booty a few minutes. Give the pan a acceptable agitate and activity them with a spatula so they amber on all abandon and don’t stick to the pan. Abode them on kitchen cardboard while you baker the rest. Cesspool off any balance oil at the end.

Mix the amazon booze with the meatballs, but assets a few meatballs to besprinkle over anniversary serving. This admixture can now be put to one ancillary and kept balmy – or arctic it for approaching use. It will accumulate in the fridge for a brace of days.

To accomplish the pasta, mix the capacity calm and aerate the chef until it is bland and homogenous. It will booty about 10 minutes. Awning the chef and leave it to blow for at atomic 30 minutes. Cycle it out into a sfoglia which is about 3mm thick. Cut the chef into ample slices which fit your chitarra and lay one at a time forth the attenuated set of strings. Application a rolling pin, advance adamantine bottomward and forth the pasta. You may charge to bombinate the strings to alleviate the pasta strands. Accumulate them able-bodied floured while you assignment your way through the chef strips.

Make abiding the amazon and meatball admixture is hot and accompany a ample pan of absolute baptize to the boil. Baker the spaghetti strands for 5 account or so. To serve, band the pasta with the sauce, baptize the aloof meatballs over, forth with some grated Pecorino, if you like.

Extracted from Pasta Grannies: The Secrets of Italy’s Best Home Cooks by Vicky Bennison (£20, Hardie Grant), accessible to buy from 17 October.

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Baked Ricotta Cheese Dip with Garlic and Thyme - Cooking ...
Baked Ricotta Cheese Dip with Garlic and Thyme – Cooking …

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