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Healthy-ish American Shepherd's Pie. Healthy recipes, desserts, dinner, lunch and breakfast recipes. Feel free to ask any question and share with me recipes you have tried. Favorite shepherd's pie recipe, a classic casserole of Britain and Ireland done American-style.

Healthy-ish American Shepherd's Pie This healthy shepherd's pie is perfect if your kids are fussy eaters. It's not exactly cheating by hiding their five-a-day inside. And even if it is, no jury will convict you! You can cook Healthy-ish American Shepherd's Pie using 13 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Healthy-ish American Shepherd's Pie

  1. It’s 2 head of of Cauliflower.
  2. You need 1 tbsp of Milk.
  3. Prepare 2 tbsp of Butter.
  4. You need 2 lb of Ground Turkey or Chicken.
  5. Prepare 1 of Onion.
  6. You need 25 of small Carrots, or so.
  7. You need of Garlic (Powder or Fresh).
  8. Prepare 2 tbsp of Olive Oil.
  9. It’s 1/2 cup of Worcestershire Sauce.
  10. Prepare 1/2 can of Beef or Chicken Broth.
  11. You need 1 cup of Shredded Cheese (I tried Mozz this time.).
  12. You need of Salt and Pepper.
  13. Prepare 2 tablespoons of flour.

Plus this pie is freezer friendly so perfect for making in advance. Shepherd's Pie is one of those foods that brings a smile to everyone's face – especially when you get seconds! A deeply savoury lamb and vegetable filling topped with creamy mashed potato and a golden cheese crust While Shepherd's Pie is traditionally made with lamb, beef is just as tasty in this recipe. Made a super awesome healthy(ish) shepherd's pie tonight.

Healthy-ish American Shepherd's Pie step by step

  1. Start the cauliflower mash. Boil a pot of water then add cauliflower. Let cook approx 10-15 minutes, or until soft..
  2. Start Meat. Sauté with oil: onion and carrots, then garlic. Add meat, and lightly brown. Add flour, then Worcestershire sauce and broth. Add salt and pepper as needed..
  3. You can add green beans and corn to meat pan..
  4. Drain cauliflower, add milk, butter and salt and pepper as needed. Blend in blender until reaches mashed potato -like consistency..
  5. Grease 2-3 qt casserole dish. Add layer of meat, then layer of cheese, then cauliflower mash on top. Make sure cauliflower mash covers to the sides so meat does not boil out and cause a mess. Add a dash of paprika on top..
  6. Bake at 400°F for 25-30 minutes. Let cool for 10 mins..

Basically made turkey meatloaf (grd turkey, egg, breadcrumbs, garlic, onion, parsley, ketchup, worcestershire.), cooked it a bit, then topped with steamed sweet corns. Meanwhile made mashed potatoes with cheddar, chives, and parsley. American Shepherd Mashed Cauliflower Pie Recipes Casserole Dishes Lasagna Green Beans Cooking Healthy Ethnic Recipes. Homemade Shepherd's Pie Cheesy Mashed Potatoes Ground Beef Casserole Cottage Pie Cake Tins Pie Recipes Yummy Food Cooking Ethnic Recipes. Keto Diet Shepherd S Pie: The Bottom Line.

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