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Beetroot Malt/Health mix. #BeetrootMaltrecipe #Healthdrinkrecipe #Beetrootpowder #BeetrootmaltBeetroot health drink powder is very easy to prepare at home with limited ingredients. Beetroot malt /beetroot health mix powder for adults to kids. Eat it as such or with milk or as beetroot burfi or as beetroot ladoos?

Beetroot Malt/Health mix Our company is engaged in providing of Beetroot Malt Mix to our beloved customers. Moreover it is helpful to reduce hypertension and improves cardiovascular health. Beetroot Malt/Health mix Before you jump to Beetroot Malt/Health mix recipe, you may want to read this short interesting healthy tips about Choosing Fast Almost every single article about losing weight and getting healthy informs readers to avoid drive through windows like the plague and that they. You can have Beetroot Malt/Health mix using 8 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Beetroot Malt/Health mix

  1. You need of To Roast & Grind.
  2. It’s of Cashews.
  3. It’s of Almonds, skin peeled.
  4. You need of Green Cardamom/Elachi.
  5. It’s of Other ingredients.
  6. It’s of & 3/4 cups chopped Beetroot or 2 Beetroot.
  7. You need of Jaggery.
  8. You need of Water for grinding(Optional).

Beet Root Powder malt is a great source of organic nitric oxide. Beet Root Powder is beneficial to one's overall health. They improve heart health, mental clarity and focus, promote faster wound healing, and much more because they are high in antioxidants. Whether you roast it whole, blend into a soup or drink as juice, beetroot is low in fat, full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants – a health-food titan.

Beetroot Malt/Health mix step by step

  1. Peel 2 Beetroots & chop it into small pieces easier for grinding. Keep the other ingredients ready.
  2. Soak Almods for 1 hour in warm water & peel the skin. Roast all the Almonds & Cashews..
  3. Grind the Beetroot pieces to fine paste in a blender. Add water only if needed..
  4. Add the beetroot paste to a hot pan & cook until the raw smell goes. Takes only 10 mins.
  5. Once most of the water is evaporated, add the Jaggery. You can also make jaggery syrup and filter it for impurities..
  6. Iron kadai works best for this recipe. You can also make in normal ones. Grind the nuts & Green cardamom together in pulse mode. Make sure you leave frequent intervals otherwise it may turn into nut butter..
  7. There will not be any water left out. At this stage you can make beetroot burfi or ladoo with the same recipe. Cook for more time for beetroot malt. It takes about 35 mins from start to end..
  8. Add the roasted nuts powder. Keep stirring, until it forms a huge mass. The jaggery crystalline & change into powder form..
  9. Once the mixture turns dry. Switch off flame. Keep mixing under fan to cool it down. Otherwise it ll be a huge mass once cooled down.
  10. In 2 mins, it hardens & resembles the texture of rock salt. Break it with a fork & grind it to a powder with the help of blender..
  11. Add 2 tsp Beetroot malt to 200 ml Milk & enjoy the nutritional. Add preferred sweetener only if needed. Enjoy the light pink treat😊👍🏻 tastes similar to badam milk.
  12. Recipe YouTube video link: youtu.be/M8oFqzre0e8.

Beet powder is made from the beetroot, which is a dark red vegetable with a sweet and slightly earthy taste. Just a teaspoon of beetroot powder is equivalent to an entire beet, and contains tons of healthy nutrients. Beetroot Malt is one of the healthiest foods for the body. Very sweet taste , health beneficial medicinal qualities abundant in beetroot malt. பீட்ரூட் மால்ட் உடலுக்கு ஆரோக்கியம் தரக்கூடிய உணவுகளில் ஒன்று. குழந்தைகளுக்கு அறிவாற்றல் திறன் அதிகாரிக்கும். Preggy Beet Malt Health Mix is a nutritious and tasty dietary supplement.

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