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Heart Healthy Hush Puppies. Hush puppies are a classic Southern side dish that while delicious, may not be the healthiest food in the world. Luckily, there are several ways to prepare healthier hush puppies that still deliver the satisfying texture and rich flavor of regular hush puppies. Drop batter into the heated oil using a small spoon.

Heart Healthy Hush Puppies The Med-South diet study led by Carolina researchers will determine if healthier versions of traditional Southern dishes can help obese people The Med-South diet study cookbook includes healthful recipes for roasted vegetables, heart-healthy hush puppies and greens. A hush puppy (or hushpuppy) is a small, savoury, deep-fried round ball made from cornmeal-based batter. Hushpuppies are frequently served as a side dish with seafood and other deep-fried foods. You can have Heart Healthy Hush Puppies using 14 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Heart Healthy Hush Puppies

  1. You need of yellow cornmeal.
  2. It’s of yellow grits.
  3. It’s of white flour.
  4. You need of whole wheat flour.
  5. Prepare of eggs.
  6. It’s of buttermilk.
  7. You need of seasoned salt.
  8. It’s of pepper.
  9. It’s of baking powder.
  10. You need of baking soda.
  11. It’s of oil.
  12. It’s of nuts, finely chopped.
  13. It’s of oil for deep frying (see note in description).
  14. Prepare of finely chopped mixed veg (onions are a def, options: bell peppers, eggplant, sweet potatoes, squash, okra, cabbage).

Mix The Dry Ingredients With Fresh Green Onions. I sure hope that you enjoy your Baked Hush Puppies, be sure and let me know how you like them. I am so happy that you stopped by today I always just love our visits. Today, Hush Puppies innovates with technical.

Heart Healthy Hush Puppies step by step

  1. Begin heating the oil for deep frying (med-high heat)- about 1 1/2 inch depth..
  2. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Mix all wet ingredients in a separate bowl.
  4. Combine wet and dry ingredients.
  5. Add chopped nuts and vegetables.
  6. Add more buttermilk if needed for the consistency of cornbread (very thick pancake batter).
  7. Drop batter into the heated oil using a small spoon. The oil should bubble vigorously around the dough. Turn the puppies with a slotted spoon to brown them on all sides. It should take only 2-3 min to cook..
  8. Remove from oil and drain on a paper towel. Enjoy!.

Introducing, an exciting new line of Ah Moo Facemask design released in collaboration between Hush Puppies & @MediaCorp celebrating the auspicious Year of The Ox.. "Hush puppies-golden-brown puffs invented to shush up the barking puppies at an outdoor feast; made by putting corn-bread batter into deep fat." Heart of a Country Home is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a. The secret to this recipe, says Claiborne, is mixing white vinegar with the non-dairy milk to replicate buttermilk and make the hush puppy dough light and tender. Ground flax and water substitute for eggs and jalapeƱo adds a spicy kick. Hush puppies are a mixture of cornmeal, all-purpose flour, egg, milk, and onion or scallions. The thick batter is shaped into small balls and deep-fried.

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