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Vegan chick pea Nugget Boat #healthy #themechallenge. Now take boat molds,, greased with olive oil and from nuggets mixture take a spoonful and press properly in the mold to give boat shape,, prepare all the molds (if you don't have mold, you can. You're gonna love these vegan chicken nuggets made with chickpeas and a crispy cornflakes crust! I used to love chicken nuggets before I became vegetarian and eventually vegan.

Vegan chick pea Nugget Boat #healthy #themechallenge Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks – it's easy to increase the You may find chickpeas in specialty aisles or ethnic grocery stores by any of these names as well: Bengal gram, Egyptian pea, chana, or cole. These chickpea nuggets look like chicken nuggets, but are vegan and require only six pantry staples. Toasting the panko breadcrumbs before coating the nuggets gives the chickpea nuggets a richer hue, but also adds flavor and loads of crunchy texture. You can have Vegan chick pea Nugget Boat #healthy #themechallenge using 25 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Vegan chick pea Nugget Boat #healthy #themechallenge

  1. It’s of For Nuggets.
  2. It’s of boiled chick pea.
  3. Prepare of oats flour.
  4. Prepare of mix of spinach and coriander leaves.
  5. Prepare of flaxseed meal, mix with 1/2 cup water.
  6. You need of small radish grated.
  7. It’s of medium size green bell pepper grated.
  8. Prepare of small pc of cabbage grated.
  9. It’s of nutritional yeast.
  10. You need of asafetida.
  11. It’s of Salt and pepper as per your taste.
  12. It’s of bread crumbs.
  13. You need of For masala chickpeas.
  14. You need of boiled chickpeas.
  15. It’s of punjabi chole masala (can get easily from any Asian supermarket).
  16. You need of olive oil.
  17. Prepare of asafetida.
  18. Prepare of turmeric.
  19. Prepare of red chili powder.
  20. Prepare of cumin & coriander powder.
  21. Prepare of Salt.
  22. Prepare of For plating.
  23. It’s of Few lettuces.
  24. Prepare of Guacamole sauce.
  25. It’s of Tomato chutney Or choice of your sauce and dip.

These chickpea veggie nuggets are a vegetarian twist on my super popular Veggie-Loaded Chicken Bites. These vegetable nuggets are perfect for a lunch box or to make quickly on a crazy busy Tuesday night after soccer practice. They look just like regular nuggets and have a similar chick-y taste. To get that, we're using a liberal amount of poultry seasoning which gives the characteristic sage-rosemary taste that chicken.

Vegan chick pea Nugget Boat #healthy #themechallenge step by step

  1. Mix everything for Nuggets except bread crumbs..
  2. Pulse in a food processor, just to combine everything.
  3. Now take boat molds,, greased with olive oil and from nuggets mixture take a spoonful and press properly in the mold to give boat shape,, prepare all the molds (if you don’t have mold, you can shape it with your hand also) and bake nugget boats in oven at 170’ C for 10 to 12 minutes or until done.
  4. For masala chickpeas,,, in a pan heat oil add asafetida, chickpeas and all the spices, mix well and keep aside, now make plating as shown and serve..

They're extra crispy on the outside and taste great with any sauces. This is where this chick(pea) nuggets come in. Today I have an exciting recipe for you guys for vegan chick'n nuggets. Made with seitan these guys are so delicious and inspired by Wendy's. Kids go crazy for these vegan alternatives to chicken nuggets.

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