How to Make Appetizing Quick + Simple healthy Vegetarian Stirfry

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Quick + Simple healthy Vegetarian Stirfry. See recipes for Smokey fried rice too. Cut up all vegies to the size you desire. I personally like my brocolli pieces large.

Quick + Simple healthy Vegetarian Stirfry Do you always resist this for other food? Then its time you give yourself a tap because this vegetable is very important for your. Great vegetarian dish because it has protein. You can have Quick + Simple healthy Vegetarian Stirfry using 7 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Quick + Simple healthy Vegetarian Stirfry

  1. Prepare of brocolli.
  2. You need of beans.
  3. It’s of carrots.
  4. Prepare of cauliflower.
  5. It’s of mushrooms.
  6. You need of soy sauce.
  7. Prepare of sweet chilli.

It is low fat and it has healthy spices too. A simple vegetable stir-fry served over fluffy bulgur wheat. Toasted cumin adds subtle tones to this quick, simple meal. This is an incredible stir-fry, just the right amount of savory and sweet.

Quick + Simple healthy Vegetarian Stirfry instructions

  1. cut up all vegies to the size you desire. I personally like my brocolli pieces large..
  2. get a stirfry pan and turn on the heat..
  3. throw in all the vegetables (except for mushrooms) and add about 2tbsp of olive/vegetable oil.
  4. give the veges a good stir and cover to let them cook in the steam, when covered always turn down the heat alittle..
  5. after 5mins of cooking, add mushrooms, 1tbsp of soy sauce and1tbsp of sweetchilli sauce. stir and cover again..
  6. covering the vegies helps them cook faster..
  7. check when the veges are cooked to your taste. I like to leave mine a little crunchy, keeps in more nutrition..
  8. also i don't add extra salt as soy sauce is already salty. of I feel like some sweetness I may add 1/2 a tbsp of honey when the sauces are added..
  9. once you are happy with the taste and how cooked the veges are, serve away!.

Adjust the soy sauce and brown sugar to taste if you prefer the sauce to lean more towards one way than the other. Find healthy, delicious vegetarian stir fry recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. This tofu veggie stir-fry is quick and easy, making it a great go-to weeknight meal. Baked tofu has a firm, toothsome texture that crisps well in a hot pan. Use fresh ingredients of your choice for a great and healthy stir fry that tastes completely fresh.

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