How to Make Yummy Mike's Healthy Zesty Greek Salad

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Mike's Healthy Zesty Greek Salad. Try this delicious and healthy Greek salad recipe that brings an easy staple of Mediterranean cuisine to your home. Chop romaine leaves, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and layer as listed here. Prepare for Homemade Italian Dressing Or Low Fat Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing well shaken.

Mike's Healthy Zesty Greek Salad Here you have a delicious and very easy recipe for this summer! Greek Style Salad, it's really simple to make, so full of flavor and. How to Make Mike's Balsamic Strawberry Feta Salad : Gently Wash Your Chilled Strawberries And Pat Dry Cut Ripe Strawberries And Drizzle With Balsamic Vinager Gently Stir In A Larger Bowl And Coat Strawbe. You can have Mike's Healthy Zesty Greek Salad using 16 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mike's Healthy Zesty Greek Salad

  1. Prepare of English Or Garden Cucumbers [thick sliced].
  2. It’s of buckets Athenos Feta Cheese [crumbled].
  3. It’s of Shaved Parmasean.
  4. It’s of Vidalia Onions [sliced].
  5. You need of Red Onions [sliced].
  6. It’s of Fresh Radishes [sliced].
  7. You need of Fresh Cherry Tomatoes [sliced].
  8. You need of Fresh Basil Leaves [chopped].
  9. It’s of Fresh Chives.
  10. You need of Green Olives [halved].
  11. Prepare of Black Olives [halved].
  12. It’s of Fresh Ground Black Pepper.
  13. It’s of Fresh Spinach.
  14. It’s of Fresh Parsley.
  15. You need of Red Pepper Flakes.
  16. It’s of Homemade Italian Dressing Or Low Fat Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing well shaken.

Healthy Snacks Healthy Eating Healthy Recipes Parmesan Ceasar Salad Wedge Salad Summer Salads This Mexican wedge salad is a zesty take on a classic wedge salad, complete with a creamy cilantro-lime This Greek Wedge Salad is an easy, fun, luncheon dish to serve with fresh ingredients! This easy Greek salad recipe is our new favorite summer side dish! This is the Greek Salad Recipe I've been making for years and it is still the best one I've tried. It's the perfect healthy recipe to indulge in fresh summer veggies.

Mike's Healthy Zesty Greek Salad instructions

  1. Easy peasy! We made our own Italian Dressing. But, Kraft puts out a great zesty Italian!.
  2. Rinse, dry and chop all vegetables. Crumble Feta Cheese if needed and add Parmasean..
  3. A quick tip on chopping fresh herbs? Stack your leaves and roll into a cigar shape. Then, gently chop. Do the same with your spinach..
  4. Don't over chop or you'll cause your fresh herbs to bruise and brown..
  5. Feta Cheese..
  6. Fresh shaved Parmasean Cheese..
  7. Gently mix everything together, including dressing, and chill well. Stir occasionally..
  8. Seal tightly. Gently flip sealed bowl over a few times prior to eating. Enjoy your little taste of Greece!.
  9. Excelent for healthy, "on the go," work lunches! My students love taking these in to school with them!.

Greek Salad w/ Easy Zesty Dr. Avocado Greek Salad & Greek Sa. click here to see more like this. The Greek salad is a meal in itself; vegetables, healthy fats, protein from the cheese, it's got you covered. The horiatiki salad that usually serves as an appetizer, can be an excellent main course, especially in the summer. After a day on the beach, a horiatiki salad accompanied with some crusty.

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