Recipe: Yummy Healthy wealthy Coco dryfruit ladoo

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Healthy wealthy Coco dryfruit ladoo. Firstly Grind coconut in mixer coarsly. Then grind all the dry fruits together again coarsly. #ladoorecipe#dryfruitladoo#coconutladoo#healthyladoo#sugarfreeladoo#sweetlover#meetha#mithai#sweettooth#sweetooth#foodlover#jaggeryladoo#aishasrecipe. दिमाग़ को तेज करे सेहत का खज़ाना Dry Fruits Laddu.

Healthy wealthy Coco dryfruit ladoo Coconut ladoo are traditional Indian sweet balls made with coconut, cardamom powder, a sweetener & milk (optional). Dry fruit laddu recipe – Healthy, delicious & nutrient dense snack balls for all age groups. Dry fruit ladoo can be enjoyed for weight Dry fruit laddu recipe – Delicious, healthy and super quick to make energy balls. You can cook Healthy wealthy Coco dryfruit ladoo using 10 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Healthy wealthy Coco dryfruit ladoo

  1. Prepare of Ghee.
  2. It’s of dry Coconut.
  3. It’s of Cashews.
  4. You need of Almonds.
  5. You need of Walnuts.
  6. Prepare of Pistachios.
  7. You need of drydates(kharik).
  8. You need of dink(gond).
  9. Prepare of Cardamom powder.
  10. You need of Sugar.

These dry fruit ladoos are great for anyone. Dry fruits Laddu Is a healthy laddu with mixed nuts and dates. Healthy Zero sugar laddu make a great mid- morning and mid-evening snacks for kids Mix well and smash dates with a spatula, this helps dates to separate out and mix uniformly with other dry fruits. with only dry fruits without any sugar or jaggery. furthermore, this healthy ladoo, does not even require edible gum to form the round shape. moreover, seedless dates are coarsely grounded to act as edible gum and to give the sweetness to this amazing laddu. Dry roast flax seeds until they start popping up and pulse them in mixer for few seconds.

Healthy wealthy Coco dryfruit ladoo step by step

  1. Firstly Grind coconut in mixer coarsly. Then grind all the dry fruits together again coarsly..
  2. Take 2tbsp of ghee to fry dink and then grind it. Keep aside..
  3. Take ghee in a thick bottom pan on gas. Put coconut powder in ghee and add cardamom powder. Mix it well on low flame..
  4. Now add dry fruits powder and mix it continuously on low flame. Add dink powder and mix, till raw smell comes out and colour changes slightly..
  5. Switch off the flame. Now add sugar powder and mix well. Try to make laddu, if required you can add ghee for proper binding..
  6. Note: You can use jaggery and raisins instead of sugar. Also you can add 1tbsp of methi dana powder to enhance it's health benifits..

Do not powder them completely,just grind coarsely as they give nice nutty texture to ladoo. Cut all dry fruits into small pieces and set them aside on a plate. Break the edible gum into small Healthy laddoo, Jaggery ladduu, Laddoo recipe, Dry fruits ladoo recipe., Dry fruit laddu recipe Dry Fruit Ladoo Recipe / Dry Fruit Laddu with step by step pics and a short YouTube video. If you like my video, please share it It is a super healthy, protein-packed and nutrients rich ladoo, ideal for gift packing and kids snack box.

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