Easiest Way to Cook Tasty Healthy tasty stuffed parantha

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Healthy tasty stuffed parantha. The Stuffed Spinach Paratha and Stuffed Methi Paratha are awesome ways to sneak some greens into your meal. Crisp and tasty parathas that none can refuse, the stuffed cauliflower paratha is wonderful way of preparing healthy cauliflower. These stuffed paratha are delicious & healthy.

Healthy tasty stuffed parantha potato peas paratha Tips for making perfect stuffed Aloo paratha: To Make the perfect stuffed paratha, dough needs to Aloo paratha as a dish is not healthy at all, especially since it's shallow fried, I don't know if you know. Those were some of the healthy and tasty stuffed paratha recipes that you can prepare at home using KENT Atta and Bread Maker. These stuffed parathas provide the daily dose of essential nutrients to kids and ensure that they eat a balanced diet. You can have Healthy tasty stuffed parantha using 8 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Healthy tasty stuffed parantha

  1. You need of cauliflower.
  2. You need of raddish.
  3. You need of onion.
  4. You need of Salt.
  5. Prepare of Black pepper.
  6. You need of Oregano.
  7. It’s of Chat masala.
  8. You need of Desi ghee.

See recipes for Stuffed Paneer / Cottage Cheese Paratha too. paratha recipes are very frequent in my house, and most of the time is a quick and easy meal for lunch boxes. it is less messy and easy to package and moreover does not require any extra side dish for it. hence i make a variety of paratha recipes with several vegetable or pulses based stuffing. The Sattu Paratha is what you should be eating if you want something healthy, tasty and fulfilling. One can barely finish one of these at a time. The Gur Paratha has a stuffing which is made with jaggery and is extremely satisfying for the stomach with a good glass of milk.

Healthy tasty stuffed parantha instructions

  1. Sabse pehle veggies ko wash kar le.ab cauliflower aur radish ko barik kadukus karein aur onion ko barik kate..
  2. Ab inka pani nikal ke sare spices dale mix karein..
  3. Ab chapati ko gol bele aur stuffing bech me rakh ke gol bana ke parantha bana le..
  4. Heart shape ke liye jo stuff parantha hmne bela hai us par heart shape coolie cutter rakh ke dabaye.heart shape ban jayega. Uski sides dba de..
  5. Medium flame par seke aur desi ghee lgaye..
  6. Ready hai healthy tasty stuff parantha.enjoyyy..

In a smaller pan over medium heat, place on a paratha. Spoon on some of the chicken mix and place another paratha on top. Mixed vegetable paratha, healthy and tasty paratha recipe with step by step pictures! I always wanted to try this mixed vegetable paratha, and when I saw my sis in law's post – How to make square parathas, I was way too tempted. So I tried to make square parathas with stuffing to suit my kids.

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