Recipe: Tasty Healthy Breakfast Kanda Poha

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Healthy Breakfast Kanda Poha.

Healthy Breakfast Kanda Poha You can cook Healthy Breakfast Kanda Poha using 12 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Healthy Breakfast Kanda Poha

  1. You need of Flattened Rice (Poha).
  2. You need of medium size Onion Chopped.
  3. You need of Green Chilli chopped.
  4. Prepare of Peanuts.
  5. You need of Cashew nuts.
  6. It’s of Mustard Seeds.
  7. It’s of Curry leaves.
  8. It’s of Turmeric powder.
  9. You need of Coriander leaves chopped.
  10. It’s of Oil.
  11. You need of Salt.
  12. Prepare of lemon juice.

Healthy Breakfast Kanda Poha step by step

  1. Take a poha in a strainer Wash it 1-2 times by gently swifting them with your fingers under running water. Drain the excess water through a strainer. Mix well and keep aside..
  2. Now take a kadai add oil and heat the oil on a low to medium flame,when oil is heated add Mustard seeds and curry leaves when they are splutter add peanuts and cashews fry them for a 5-6 second now add chopped onions and green chillis sauté them for 20-30 second on a medium flame..
  3. Now on a low flame add turmeric powder and salt into it and mix it properly and cook for 5-6 second on a low flame. After 5-6 second add soaked poha and mix well..
  4. Cover it and cook for 2-3 minute on a low flame. Now add chopped coriander leaves,lemon juice into it and mix well and turn off the flame..
  5. Now kanda Poha is ready to serve. ENJOY!.

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