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My Healthy Granola Breakfast ❤#Kitchenwordsearch#Breakfast. Granola is mostly a healthier breakfast alternative as it is made of grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, providing your body with all kinds of nutrients and necessary elements. Some of the best quality granola you can find online like the Addicted granola that comes in various flavours and mixes. Breakfast Smoothie Bowl with Spinach & Granola ❤️. almond milk•frozen avocado chunks•Small handful frozen berries•fresh lemon juice•honey•Granola and seeds for topping•frozen spinach.

My Healthy Granola Breakfast ❤#Kitchenwordsearch#Breakfast This granola recipe is also a far more healthy granola option, since it's made with whole grains, unrefined oil and naturally sweetened. This healthy granola recipe was one of the first recipes I've ever posted on this blog. Since then, it's been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times Is granola bad for you? You can have My Healthy Granola Breakfast ❤#Kitchenwordsearch#Breakfast using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of My Healthy Granola Breakfast ❤#Kitchenwordsearch#Breakfast

  1. You need of +1/2 Cups Granola.
  2. You need of Dried mixed Fruit.
  3. It’s of Sultanas.
  4. It’s of Milk or Greek yogurt.

Granola is a wonderful alternative to most breakfast foods and snacks loaded with unhealthy carbohydrates, saturated fats. This easy and healthy breakfast granola is lower in both fat and sugar than most recipes. It is also nut-free, making it more allergy-friendly! One of the biggest misconceptions I've had about granola was that it needed to have both a lot of fat and a lot of sugar to taste good.

My Healthy Granola Breakfast ❤#Kitchenwordsearch#Breakfast instructions

  1. Add the granola and dried fruit to the bowl.
  2. Next add the sultanas Add milk or 2 tbls Authentic yogurt in the middle.
  3. Then serve..

Easy homemade chunky healthy granola made with a delicious mix of oats, coconut oil, flaxseed meal, sesame seeds, pecans, cashews, sliced This vegan and gluten free granola recipe is naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup and makes the perfect crunchy snack or on the go breakfast! Granola is commonly thought of as something you should have for breakfast, but that approach could be very bad for your health. Six healthy breakfast recipes to try. Greek yoghurt has vast nutritional benefits. Regardless of where you stand on the superfood debate, Greek yoghurt's credentials speak.

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