Publications, Workshops, And Panels


“Stuck.” Shadows At The Door. Online. August 2017.

WatchMojo’s 50 Most Influential Sci-Fi  Shows On TV. WatchMojo Publishing. Print And Digital. July 2017.

Read-Only: A Collection of Digital Horror. Caitlin Marceau & M. Regan. WatchMojo Publishing. Print And Digital. June 2017.

“Mr. Perfect.” Living Paranormal Magazine. Living Paranormal. Digital. June 2017.

WatchMojo’s 75 Most Influential Horror Films Of All Time. WatchMojo Publishing. Print And Digital. May 2017.

WatchMojo’s Top 100 Music Videos Of The 2000s. WatchMojo Publishing. Print And Digital. February 2017.

“Run.” Shadows At The Door. Shadows At The Door Publishing. Print And Digital. November 2016.

“Mr. Perfect.” Shadows At The Door. Online. September 2016.

“Little Black Book.” Women In Horror AnnualWHA. Print. February 2016.

“Hunger.” PseudopodE469. Audio. December 2015.

“A Family Tradition.” Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2015. Indie Authors Press. Digital. October 2015.

“Worth A Shot.” Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2015. Indie Authors Press. Digital. October 2015.

“Mr. Perfect.” The Wicked Library, S6 Live Halloween Special. Audio. October 2015.

“Hunger.” Shadows At The Door. Online. October 2015.

“Stitches.” The Wicked Library, S6 Bonus Episode. Audio. July 2015.

“Infected.” Shadows At The Door. Online. July 2015.

“Stuck.” The Wicked Library, S6E3. Audio. June 2015.

“Full Moon Run.” Sanitarium Magazine, no. 34. Print And Digital. June 2015.

“Stitches.” Morpheus Tales, no. 26. Print And Digital. June 2015

“Voices.” Saturday Night ReaderOnline. May 2015.

“Hunger.” Sanitarium Magazine, no. 23. Print And Digital. July 2014.

“Infected.” Sanitarium Magazine, no. 21. Print And Digital. May 2014.

“Stuck.” Sanitarium Magazine, no. 19. Print And Digital. March 2014.

“True Colors.” Filled With Glee: The Unauthorized Glee Companion. Smart Pop Books. November 2010.


Workshops and Panels

“Not Another Fake N3rd Girl.” Workshop. Montreal Comiccon (July 2017).

“From the Ground Up: The Basics Of Worldbuilding.” Workshop. Montreal Comiccon (July 2017).

“Witches, Werewolves, And Wraiths: A Writer’s Guide To Monster Making.” Workshop. Toronto Fan Expo (September 2016), Montreal Comiccon (July 2015).

“#Dem Fanfiction Feels: A Readers Guide To Writing Fanfiction.” Workshop. Montreal Comiccon (July 2016).

“Bikinis, Brains, And Boogeymen: How To Write Realistic Women In Horror.” Workshop. Toronto Fan Expo (September 2016), Ottawa Comiccon (May 2015), Montreal Comiccon (September 2014).

“The Women Of Walt: Villains, Virgins, And Gender Conventions In Disney.” Panel. Montreal Comiccon (July 2015).


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