A Wicked Big Thanks To The Wicked Library

It’s finally here!WickedLibabry

My story “Stuck” has finally come out on The Wicked Library and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it if I tried. The story originally came out in 2014 through Sanitarium Magazine but was accepted into the sixth season of the podcast earlier this year. I’d only discovered them in their fourth season, when Nelson W. Pyles was still the host, and I nearly passed out when I got the letter saying my short story had been accepted into the newest season. Continue reading “A Wicked Big Thanks To The Wicked Library”

So Long School, Hello Life!

It’s official!

I’ve finally graduated from university in creative writing. Well, to be fair, it was official a while ago but I actually have the diploma to prove it now. I spent the better part of my day in a stuffy hall with 500 of my peers (of which I only recognized six), dressed in heavy black robes that made us all look like we were off to Hogwarts. All of the women had sleek dresses, high heels, and amazing hair and makeup. The men had their pressed shirts, dress pants, and polished shoes on. Continue reading “So Long School, Hello Life!”